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Medication Packaging in Horsham, Pennsylvania

Medication Packaging (Dispill) by Horsham Pharmacy

Horsham Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy located in Horsham Township less than 25 miles to Camp Onas. We provide specialized medication packaging (Dispill) to assist campers with their medications.

The Dispill includes all of the camper’s medications separated by day and time.The medications are sealed into the package and deliver directly to Camp Onas. Our Dispill ensures that each camper receives the right medication(s) at the right time. The packaging makes medication(s) administration fast and safe. In addition, Dispill is portable which allows for easy transport on overnight excursions.

In addition to Dispill, we can dispense inhalers, liquids, and injectables; however, these medications will be delivered to Camp Onas separately and will not be included in the Dispill. We will coordinate with the camp nursing staffs so that all medications are administered per provider’s instruction.


Which medications can be packaged in Dispill blister?
All medication in pill form can be incorporated into Dispill including over the counter products like vitamins and supplements. The only exceptions are Birth Control pills and Accutane which cannot be combined in the Dispill pack.
Can a half or quarter pill be packaged?
Yes, Horsham Pharmacy can split pills as long as they are in a dosage form that permits the pill to be cut. (I.e. delayed release medications cannot be split).
What do I have to do to start the process?
Complete the enrollment form and we will take care of the rest. Form can be fax to 267-282-5732 or email to We’ve included the enrollment steps for your information.

Enrollment Steps:


  • Step1: Complete and submit enrollment form by faxing it 267-282-5732 or email to

Horsham Pharmacist/Staff:

  • Step 2: Call back to confirm and obtain Rx’s.
  • Step 3: Transfer Rx’s from current Pharmacy.
  • Step 4: Or fax medications request letter to physician.
  • Step 5: fill, dispense and deliver packages to camp.
How much time does the Pharmacy need to complete the process?
Please submit the enrollment form at least 3 weeks before start date to allow for communication with your pharmacy and doctor.
Does Horsham Pharmacy accept my Insurance?
Horsham Pharmacy accepts most major insurance plans. We review every enrollment form and will contact you if we find that we cannot accept your insurance. We will provide cash price for you to select as alternate form of payment.
I use mail order for a 90 day supply of medication. Can I still use Dispill?
We can notify your insurance that you need your medications pre-packaged for camp. Most insurance will authorize an override in their system to allow the Pharmacy to fill your medication for a 30 day supply.
Will the pharmacy dispense Brand or Generic drugs?

“Pennsylvania law permits pharmacist to substitute a less expensive generically equivalent drug or biological product for a brand name drug unless you or your physician direct otherwise.”

Horsham Pharmacy will dispense generic medications if available. You can request brand medication by specify on your enrollment form or call the Pharmacy. Your doctor can also do so by writing “Brand Necessary” or “Brand Medically Necessary” on the prescription.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about Dispill?
We want to make sure that this is a stress-free process insuring your camper’s safety and enjoyment at Camp Onas. The pharmacist and our staffs are standing by to answer any question that you have. Please feel free to call us at 267-282-5747 or email us at

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