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Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis: Your Questions Answered


As one of the common cancers affecting Americans, colorectal cancer can put a patient in an emotional struggle after a diagnosis. Also known as colon cancer, colorectal cancer doesn’t distinguish genders. It can happen to anyone even the younger and older ones. As your trusted retail pharmacy in Horsham, Pennsylvania, we would like to walk you through important questions that need to be answered when the diagnosis of colon cancer is given.

Let this information be a source of empowerment to overcome the illness and find a cure.

  • What is the cancer’s stage?

    This is the most immediate and prominent concern that arises when a person is diagnosed with any type of cancer. In the case of colorectal cancer, identifying the stages will require the patient to undergo imaging scans of the organs outside their colon and rectum, particularly the abdomen, pelvis, and chest. Depending on what stage the colon cancer is at, the appropriate treatment will be recommended.

  • What to do with treatment side effects?

    One of the commonly recommended treatments for cancer, including colorectal cancer, is chemotherapy. However, this treatment can pose a lot of side effects to the patient, depending on their personal strength to handle the treatment. Talk with your doctor or your provider of medication therapy management in Pennsylvania to know what side effects to anticipate and what you can do about them.

  • What do you do in case of an emergency?

    When undergoing treatment for cancer, whether its radiation therapy or chemotherapy, you should know the right authority to talk to in case the side effects get serious. Whenever you feel that something feels weird, or when your loved one complains about something different from the treatment, talk with their doctor right away.

As a leading provider of pharmaceutical services, you can trust us at Horsham Pharmacy to be of assistance to you whenever you have medical needs in the course of your cancer treatment. Our licensed pharmacists are ready to answer your inquiries so you can achieve better health and faster recovery.

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