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Understanding the Proper Way to Treat Any Wound


Understanding basic first aid and wound care are critical. This will aid in saving lives and preventing additional infection or harm.

Some of us may believe that rubbing alcohol should be used to clean wounds to kill bacteria. Most of us have done this at least once in our lives, and it may be excruciatingly unpleasant. An open wound should not be treated with the direct application of rubbing alcohol. This can result in serious tissue injury and a delay in healing. Hydrogen peroxide is also discouraged.

It is best to clean a wound with warm water and soap to properly cleanse it. Soaps with antibacterial characteristics can be found at our local pharmacy in Pennsylvania.

Another myth is that bandages should be removed quickly to relieve discomfort, however, it can be quite harmful to your open wound, especially if it is scabbing. Softening a bandage with water is the best approach to remove it. Once the bandage is wet, slowly peel it off until it is completely gone.

Clean the wound once more and apply a fresh set of bandages. To avoid bacteria and other diseases, keep the wound covered. To keep it moist, visit our pharmacy or ask for our free prescriptions delivery to have your selected ointment and medicines delivered to your home.

It is always important to have medical supplies in your first aid cabinet. You might never know when you or a loved one will get injured. Proper wound care education is also essential, especially for our diabetes education program in Horsham, Pennsylvania.

Horsham Pharmacy carries a wide range of prescription and OTC medicines, as well as medical supplies essential for your daily needs. For more information visit or send us a message today!

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