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COVID-19 Vaccine: Building Protection


We all want extra safety to ensure our whole family’s health and wellness. The Coronavirus continues to spread and the best way to stay safer in these times is to do our part to get our shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. At Horsham Pharmacy, a well-known and established family-owned pharmacy that provides a quality Diabetes Education Program in Horsham, Pennsylvania, we continue to offer COVID-19 vaccines to all our customers.

The vaccines that you can avail of in our pharmacy are Moderna and Pfizer. We have been administering vaccination to help the community be safer amid the pandemic. These vaccines went through all the required stages of clinical trials, extensive testing, and monitoring that showed that these vaccines are safe and effective. The professionals in our Local Pharmacy in Pennsylvania will assess you and your family members if you are eligible for the vaccine and will schedule an appointment when you should get vaccinated.

After being fully vaccinated, you can have more time to resume the daily outdoor routine activities you like doing while still taking preventative measures. This may not fully protect you from contracting the virus, but it will help boost your immune system to stay safer and protected daily.

Aside from vaccinations, we also provide Free Prescriptions Delivery. If you want to avail of our services, do not hesitate to let us know. We are here to serve you.

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