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Diabetes is not Sweet


Research shows that the number of adults with diabetes has increased more than 100% as the American population grows old and becomes more overweight or obese in the last two decades. It is an alarming rate as diabetes is a serious, long-lasting condition. Sadly, others do not even know they are affected. If you urinate a lot often at night, have very dry skin, or have numb or tingling hands or feet, you may want to consult your doctor now as you might have diabetes. It can cause complications like chronic kidney disease, heart disease, vision loss, and others.

Medical costs for people with diabetes can be expensive, too. It can go twice as high for people who don’t have it. If you have prescriptions, you can visit a local pharmacy in Pennsylvania that does not empty your pocket but fills your kit with great quality medications. If they offer free prescriptions delivery – that’s a bonus!

It is not easy to live with diabetes, but there is always a way to ease things. Eating the right kind and amount of food that will help you achieve your target sugar level will surely help you live well with diabetes. But it is easier said than done. So if you or you know someone who was recently diagnosed or even those who’ve been keeping it within themselves, they can benefit from a Diabetes Education Program in Horsham, Pennsylvania.

Through the program, people with diabetes can inject insulin themselves, provided with meter training and one-on-one coaching to understand their condition better and learn ways to live healthier. Advice given by experts will help them avoid complications that can stay with them forever. Horsham Pharmacy provides this program, so you may want to reach out to them.

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