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Medication Errors and Their Effect on Your Health


Medicines help us maintain and cure our illnesses. This medical breakthrough has helped millions of people for many years and will help more in the years to come. However, mistakes in taking medications can happen at any time. And seriously, that puts you at risk.

Medicines and supplements from a Local Pharmacy in Pennsylvania are safe and effective with proper use. But these examples of improper usage make them harmful and ineffective:

  • Using another person’s prescriptions
    Even if you have similar symptoms, you should not share medications with anyone. Go for a check-up first to know the correct remedy, and taking the wrong medicine may worsen your condition.
  • Stopping intake when symptoms subside
    Not completing the days written in the prescription can make the treatment ineffective. You may develop drug resistance – most likely when you are misusing antibiotics.
  • Taking more than recommended
    Overdosing is very dangerous to your health. It may result in poisoning, or worse, may lead to death.

There are times when we forget and skip our doses or become confused about whether we took a pill or not. As a concerned provider of quality medicines and medical supplies, Horsham Pharmacy suggests that you should organize an intake and follow your doctor’s advice to minimize your symptoms and attain faster healing.

Feel free to ask our pharmacists for assistance and recommendations. You may also ask for Free Prescriptions Delivery.

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