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Essential Questions You Should Ask Your Pharmacist


Managing your medications can get complicated, especially if your treatment involves multiple care providers. Your pharmacist from your local pharmacy plays a critical role in your health and is vital to your care team. They are excellent sources of information who can assist when your healthcare provider is unavailable.

As an expert in pharmaceuticals in Horsham, Pennsylvania, we will discuss the questions you should ask your pharmacist on your next visit:

  • What is this medication called?

    Medications usually have two names: a generic and a brand name. Knowing this information is vital to ensure there are no mix-ups in the medications you are taking. That also provides the option of purchasing either the generic or branded version of your medicine.

  • What does this medicine do?

    All medicines, vitamins and supplements have intended effects and potential side effects. Your pharmacist can explain this so you know what to expect. This information will also let you know if your treatment is working.

  • What are the potential side effects?

    Knowing your medication’s potential side effects is crucial. This information will help you learn which foods, beverages, or activities to avoid to prevent serious side effects or complications. Your pharmacist can also determine if any of your medications may interact with each other.

We at Horsham Pharmacy specialize in high-quality pharmacy services to promote optimal health. From diabetes education to medication synchronization in Pennsylvania, we offer a broad range of services to meet your needs. Feel free to visit or contact us for questions about our services or your medications.

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