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Roles and Responsibilities of Pharmacists


Among the healthcare professionals that play a critical role in keeping our healthcare system running well are pharmacists. They are the medication experts that aid us in getting the best possible results from our medications. They are also capable and authorized to prepare and dispense prescriptions, make sure the medicines are of the correct doses, avoid damaging drug interactions, etc. They are the easiest to access among all the other healthcare professionals, as the majority of us live well within just 2 miles of a pharmacy. They assist in making free prescriptions delivery possible as well. Read on to know some of the roles and responsibilities of pharmacists.

  • Ensure the quality of medicines

    One of the most important responsibilities of pharmacists is to make sure that the medicines provided to patients are of the best quality. They make sure that the medications are well before their expiration dates and that the packaging is not tampered with.

  • Make sure the supply of medicines is legal

    Pharmacists put paramount importance on ensuring that the supply of medications is well within the provisions of the law. They make sure that the medications are approved by the FDA. This means the medicines and associated healthcare products are compliant with the criteria or standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This guarantees the safety and effectiveness of the medications.

  • Ensure the suitability of medicines prescribed to patients

    Pharmacists such as those at a local pharmacy in Pennsylvania carefully check the prescriptions to make sure that the medications prescribed to patients are suitable for the type of health conditions they are experiencing.

  • Advise patients about medications

    One of the vital roles of pharmacists is to provide patients with valuable advice about medications, which includes the appropriate and safe way of taking them, what possible drug reactions that may occur, and answering patients’ queries. Pharmacists are relied upon by other healthcare professionals in selecting and administering medications that work best and give the best quality of life for a certain patient.

At Horsham Pharmacy, we have highly proficient pharmacists to make sure that you get the best quality medications and associated healthcare products. Our pharmacists are more than willing to give you advice on medications as well. Feel free to contact us and know about our Diabetes Education Program in Horsham, Pennsylvania.

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