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How to Identify a Counterfeit 3-Play Surgical Mask


With the pandemic, it has become inevitable for the demand for 3-ply surgical masks to increase. However, just like many medications and medical supplies, it also becomes inevitable for counterfeit products to appear in the market.

You should see to it that you avoid these counterfeit products. Not only will you be wasting money but you are also compromising your health if you use fake face masks. Aside from buying from a reputable local pharmacy in Horsham, Pennsylvania, here are some tips you can take advantage of to avoid counterfeit surgical masks:

  1. Do a visual test.

    Before you buy a mask in bulk, do a visual test. Cut open the mask and ensure that there are three layers. The three layers are typically the inner soft absorbent non-woven layer, middle melt-blown layer, and the outer hydrophobic non-woven layer.

  2. Do a water-resistant test.

    Another way to determine if a face mask is fake is the water-resistant test. Remember that the outer layer of a surgical mask should be waterproof. So, pour some water on this layer. If the mask is real, it should repel the water.

  3. Breath Test

    With a 3-ply mask that filters droplets, water, spit, and sweat, it should not be easy to extinguish a lighter fire. If you can do that when wearing the mask, then the mask is highly likely a counterfeit product.

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