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What You Need to Know About the New COVID Strain

What You Need to Know About the New COVID Strain

As a local pharmacy in Horsham, Pennsylvania, people flock to us to inquire about the ongoing pandemic. Our inquiries range from purchasing face masks and sanitation items to the possibilities of vaccines against the virus. With news about a new strain of the virus surfacing, people have started asking us for more information about it.

Here are some of the known facts about the new strain, according to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine:

  • Why is there a new strain?
    It is normal and expected for viruses to mutate or change into new strains. This is not the first mutation of the virus, and we may expect more in the future. Although this new strain can spread faster, it has not shown signs of causing more severe symptoms.
  • Does it affect children more?
    There is no convincing evidence that this variant particularly spreads faster in children.
  • Do we need to implement additional precautions?
    Doctors recommend that we continue and re-emphasize the safety measures we have in place.
  • Would the COVID-19 vaccine still work on the new strain?
    There is no evidence that the immune response from the current vaccines would not work against the new strain. However, the vaccine development process can accommodate changes if necessary. This works the same way as flu mutations each year.

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