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How to Use OTC Drugs Appropriately


Over-the-counter medicines offer relief for minor health concerns. They can help relieve various pains, symptoms, and conditions such as diarrhea, motion sickness, allergies, and so on. These drugs, vitamins and supplements, and other non-prescription medical products provide convenience and early intervention.

OTC drugs are readily available in any local pharmacy, grocery stores, convenience stores, and select gas stations. However accessible, it is crucial to use OTC medicines responsibly and consult a healthcare professional for serious or ongoing health issues.

How can we regulate the usage of these pharmaceuticals in Horsham, Pennsylvania? To manage the usage of OTC medicines at home, adhere to these key practices:

  • Follow Label Instructions

    Carefully follow the dosing instructions and warnings provided on the OTC medicine packaging.

  • Proper Storage

    Store OTC medicines securely, out of reach of children, and ensure proper disposal of expired or unused medications to prevent misuse.

  • Avoid Self-Diagnosis

    Consult a healthcare professional if you’re uncertain about your condition or if symptoms persist.

Horsham Pharmacy wants to remind everyone that we must still be cautious when using healthcare-related products. These products can cause adverse effects when abused as prescription drugs do. You may also ask about automatic prescriptions refill to regulate your usage of prescription drugs as well.

Medication synchronization in Pennsylvania is specially created for people who wish their schedule refills around their most convenient time, like their payday. Call our pharmacy at 267-282-5747 for more information about med sync, adherence, and other related concerns. Our lines are available for all your inquiries.


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