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Staying Safe in the New Normal

Staying Safe in the New Normal

Everyone is going through rough times because of the recent pandemic. A lot of people are afraid for their loved ones. Unfortunately, there is still no cure for the coronavirus so we have to be extra careful.

As a local pharmacy in Horsham, Pennsylvania, we value your health and safety. To help avoid the spread of the coronavirus, we made a list of preventive measures against this horrible disease:

  • Stay at home
    As much as possible, stay at home. You will not get infected and be exposed if you do not go out. Limit going out to necessary and essential activities such as buying groceries and medical supplies.
  • Distance yourself from others
    On the few times that you have to go out, stay at least 6 feet away from another person. This is a great way to avoid droplets because you do not know who might be infected.
  • Wash your hands
    Frequently wash your hands to avoid getting infected or spreading the virus to someone else. After grocery shopping, wash your hands before touching your phone or your car.
  • Wear a mask
    Since it has been confirmed that the coronavirus is passed on to another person in the form of droplets, it is important to wear a face mask when going out, so that when you sneeze or cough, you don’t potentially infect others.

This is the new normal. As long as we are not completely COVID-free, we have to learn to live with these standards in order to keep ourselves and our families safe.

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