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Strategies When Facemasks Are Used

Strategies When Facemasks Are Used

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the re-use of facemasks during a pandemic like COVID-19 is limited only. You need to change the facemask, especially when you are a healthcare worker, and are exposed to COVID-19 positive or suspected patients. For this, you can head on to your local pharmacy in Horsham, Pennsylvania, to get an adequate number of face masks.

If you want to know how to check if you can re-use the mask, you need to know the ways in learning when it can be removed or re-used.

  • Medical supplies like the facemask need to be removed or thrown out if this is soiled, damaged, or hard to breathe through.
  • Not all facemasks can be re-used. A mask that needs to be fastened using ties should be considered for extended use rather than re-use. The facemasks with elastic ear hooks may be re-used when you are not exposed to possible infected patients.
  • You should also remember to leave the patient area when you need to remove the mask. When facemasks are removed, this needs to be folded so the outer surface is held inward. It can avoid contact with another outer surface during storage.

To know when you should use facemasks when having limited stocks, you should choose the right activities. Here are some of the activities where you can use it:

  • When you provide the essential surgeries and procedures
  • Care activities where splashes or sprays are needed
  • During prolonged face-to-face exposure to COVID-19 positive or suspected patients
  • Aerosol generating procedures when respirators are unavailable.

These are the strategies you need to keep in mind when having limited facemasks. That’s why you should ensure your vitamins and supplements for the prevention of spreading the virus. If you need free prescriptions delivery in Pennsylvania, Horsham Pharmacy, you can count on us.

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