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Healthcare Blogs in Horsham, Pennsylvania

3 Ways to Keep Your Brain in Tip-Top Condition

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Every brain changes with age, and mental function does as well. Mental decline is common, and it is one of the dreaded consequences that come with aging. However, cognitive impairment is not inevitable. Horsham Pharmacy, a reputable retail pharmacy in Horsham, Pennsylvania, lists down 3 ways you can … Continue reading

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Tips: How to Help Your Loved One Cope with Stroke

Are you taking care of a loved one who is recovering from a stroke? It can be an emotionally charged experience for you, but remember that the quality of your care depends largely on how much you’re able to care for yourself. As your source of medication therapy management in Pennsylvania, we encourage you to … Continue reading

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Caring for Children with Autism: A Guide for Parents

At Horsham Pharmacy, we join the whole country in observing the National Autism Awareness month. Whether you’re still suspecting that your child is having autism or you’ve just recently learned about their condition, you can’t stop yourself from worrying and wondering about what can possibly happen next. As your partner in providing quality medication therapy … Continue reading

Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis: Your Questions Answered

As one of the common cancers affecting Americans, colorectal cancer can put a patient in an emotional struggle after a diagnosis. Also known as colon cancer, colorectal cancer doesn’t distinguish genders. It can happen to anyone even the younger and older ones. As your trusted retail pharmacy in Horsham, Pennsylvania, we would like to walk … Continue reading

5 Ways to Take Good Care of Your Heart

You may be on your way to a retail pharmacy in Horsham, Pennsylvania to get your loved ones’ medications for their heart health. You may be doing the same for yourself in the next years if you do not take care of your own heart. The following are some of the ways you can care … Continue reading

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